Tina Guthrie
Bungee Dance Instructor
All Day AvailableAll Day AvailableOpen Day Times until 4:30pmAvailable Upon RequestAvailable Upon Request

Celia Chao
Bungee Workout Instructor
Open Evenings from 5pmOpen Evenings from 7:30pmOpen Evenings from 5pmAvailable Upon RequestAvailable Upon Request

* Please let us know if your group prefers some other times other than what is on the above schedule; both of our instructors are very flexible and willing to adapt to your group’s schedule.

BUNGEE WORKOUTTM Taking The World by Storm!

BUNGEE WORKOUTTM is a low impact high-intensity resistance cardio workout. It’s a fusion of acrobatic movements inspired by circus acts and dance choreography to upbeat commercial music. It is created for all fitness lovers who want to challenge their bodies to a new, fun, and challenging way to move.

BUNGEE DANCE will incorporate movements from Contemporary and Jazz Dance, among others, in relation to and modified for use with the bungee cord. By integrating music, tempo, rhythm, and groove, BUNGEE DANCE will offer a different perspective on this unique and dynamic style, letting music influence the movers through movement.

We only accept private booking.

Currently, we don’t provide any drop-in classes. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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