Is there a weight restriction?

Yes. The limit is actually more on the harness size rather than weight. If you can fit into our harness, you are good to go. Most people under the weight of 220lbs can fit into our harness. If you weigh more than 220lbs, please contact us BEFORE registering for a class.

What do I wear?

If you are new to BungeeWorkout, we suggest to wear at least two layers of shorts (or any shorts that has padding in it) or leggings. Once you get used to our system, then you can decide to wear what makes you most comfortable. You may bring a pair of light indoor runners for the class as well. We also suggest a fitted top because you will also be held upside down on some moves. If at anytime you feel uncomfortable we provide padded shorts for you to wear on top of your pants for extra comfort. If you have long hair, you may want to tie it back.

What else should I bring with me?

Maybe a bottle of water? A towel because you’re gonna get pretty sweaty!

Who shouldn’t do BungeeWorkout?

Those who have had a recent surgery of any kind. Also, if you have chronic pain or medical condition that involve shoulders, backs, lower backs, wrists, hands. Always consult with a physician before doing BungeeWorkout.


Yes, you must sign a waiver. Waiver can be signed when you come to bungee workout class for your first time.

How to register a bungee workout class?

We only accept private group bookings for now.

Each class has 60 mins and 9 spots available. You may book for a group bungee workout class together with your friends. The flat fee is $190.00 per group class (incl. GST).

If you are interested:

1. Welcome to talk to our representative through FB private chat or email us at bungeeworkoutcanada@gmail.com to find out more.

2. After talking to our representative through Facebook. A $50.00CAD non-refundable deposit is required to lock your booking for your bungee workout class.

3. The $50.00CAD non-refundable deposit will be applied to your balance at the day of your bungee workout group session with us.

Schedules for bungee workout group booking?

Our instructors are very flexible and willing to adapt to your group schedule